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We are a niche consultancy agency focusing on regulatory change.  

At ACE Company, we strive to make a solid contribution to a sustainable improvement of the financial sector. 

We distinguish ourselves by means of three key qualities:

  • extensive experience with change management in complex situations
  • knowledge of and experience with laws and regulations
  • knowledge of the financial sector

"For me, a career at ACE Company means working in a challenging and versatile environment where you deal with different people and cultures. You experience rapid business and personal development, learning lessons that yield life-long benefits." 

 Anneke Kikkert (Consultant)

Working at ACE

  • At ACE Company, we function in an intellectually challenging environment
  • The atmosphere is relaxed, with a nice mix between different experience levels and backgrounds. Everyone is ready to help one another, with minimal hierarchy
  • There is no rigidly outlined growth path. People are stimulated to take the initiative. They are free to manage their own development
  • We maintain a good balance between professional and private life. At ACE Company, you need not work 60 hours to do your job well. The work is demanding, but balanced

"Within ACE Company, you are a full-fledged part of the agency. There is room for cooperation, personal input and enterprise. Whatever your position, your opinion and input are taken seriously."

Xavier van Binsbergen (Manager)

Meet our team 

Raksha Bharos

Xavier van Binsbergen

Nonka Donev

Nathalie de Geus

Janco Jordaan

Anneke Kikkert

Eefje Osse

Vincent Pit

Nick Prince

Arthur Willigenburg

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